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Dave Kuno understands a Professional Athlete's way of life and knows how important each space in a home has to flow with function for them and their family's lifestyle; proportions and balance. He has been helping Professional Athletes for a few years now and Dave is very creative in how he thinks and has the "vision" skills on how each space would and would not work. He can attribute this talent from owning a successful residential construction company for 10 years (1995 to 2005 - shut down operations, market got out of control). He is not your typical Realtor that just knows paint colors and interior design; he is much more in-depth than that with 15 years of product knowledge and sales experience.
His construction company purchased dozens of distressed (foreclosures) single family homes that completely renovated them to the studs. He changed floor plans/layouts to get the most usable space per square foot. Once the homes were completed they were sold with-in 30 days because of this.
His construction company also purchased and cosmetically updated nine distressed 4-Unit apartment buildings than sold them to his property management company to be kept as investments.
This is why his construction experience is so valuable as a Realtor to the Professional Athlete. He will personally go through the home or other real estate and point out potential problems, up-dates that have been made or may be needed. He will evaluate the overall condition of the property plus will double check with Governmental Units to make sure that you will be able to expand with additional structures now and in the future, then he will do a thorough market research and go over numbers and more numbers to see what price to offer.
He also was a property manager for 14 out of the last 15 years he has been a licensed Realtor.
This is why his services are asked for; accuracy, reliability, and integrity. Include his 7 day a week work ethic and you will not find a better Realtor with this much experience and knowledge in the market place.
He can even help you design a home.

Dave knows how important privacy, security, and safety are to Professional Athletes. The first thing before purchasing any real estate is setting up a Trust; this way your name is not in public records at the County Recorders, Auditors, Assessors and Treasures Offices where the public has access to that information. As Professional Athletes I am sure you have heard the stories and probably experienced it yourself with people just showing up at your homes or following you when you leave. Another reason to place all real estate holdings in a Trust is for liability. This way you the Professional Athlete and the Trust are two separate entities, like two separate businesses. There is a 3rd party involved in a Trust but we will go over that on our appointment.
Every Professional Athlete has an Agent or a Family Attorney that will help you with all the legality end of it and explain the law in the different Counties and States that you want to purchase real estate.
As a Realtor Dave must follow the Realtors Code of Ethics - Rules and Regulations and one fiduciary responsibility includes "Confidentiality".
There are documents that our office and your legal representative will have drafted and signed to protect your information from the public. We know how important this is but trust is the key. You can sign all the paperwork you want but it's the individual that makes a person not a piece of paper.
The last thing Dave wants is something to happen to you or your family, so privacy is taken very seriously!

Professional Athletes Becoming Investors, Wealth Protection
Dave has the experience to help you achieve these goals. He has personally earned 28% return annually on his real estate investments for years which has outperformed Wall Street. As Professional Athletes you have enough issues to think about day in and day out with maintaining your peak performance, physically and mentally. As Professional Athletes career ending injuries are the most frightening thing that could happen to an athlete. This is why owning apartment buildings/complexes are safe consistent investments (if done right) for a Professional Athlete during and after your professional career. Its income protection for you and your family's wealth in case there are unforeseen bumps in the road.
You will always know your monthly income not like investing your money in
Wall Street!
You will continue to maintain a certain lifestyle plus receive all the tax benefits that go along with owning investment properties.
Just think for a minute what happens when you get your pay check and see how much income taxes are taken out.
By owning apartment buildings/complexes the tax write offs can make up for some if not all of those income tax losses (depending how many buildings).
Everyone needs a roof over their head and real estate is something you can touch and manage not like a piece of paper like Stocks and other Wall Street paper instruments. Dave does not believe in 401K or other pension plans that go up and down depending on the Stock Market, consistency is what you want, and you get that with owning apartment buildings/complexes.
All Pension Plans and other investments on Wall Street lost 50% in this last economic down turn, FIFTY PERCENT!!!
REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE; you control it yourself and Dave can show you how. Once you learn how to invest than it's up to you if you want to manage your real estate holdings yourself or create your own Property Management Corporation and hire your own staff to manage it. Again with your legal representative we can assist you in placing all real estate holdings in a Trust so you can maintain your privacy and liability risks. You can also place your Corporation in a Trust. You can have multiple Corporations and multiple Trusts, this way your liability/risk is spread out even more for added protection.

FYI Real Estate Misconceptions
Real Estate has gone down in value but it's the single family home markets not apartment buildings/complexes that have gone down, most apartment buildings/complexes have either stayed the same in value or have gone up in value. So do not let anyone tell you that it's bad to own apartment buildings/complexes in this market. Dave Kuno does not care who they are and how much real estate they own or do not own! Remember it's always someone telling you not to do something or you cannot do it, either because of jealousy or ignorance!
The single family housing market meltdown was created because credit was too easy to get. Even Celebrities got caught up in the artificially created housing boom that went on from the late 1990's to around February/March of 2007 when the first signs of the bubble was starting to burst,
(New Century and Ameriquest Mortgage Companies filed for bankruptcy),
than the housing market finally collapsed in 2008.
Single Family Homes and Apartment Buildings/Complexes are two separate animals and CANNOT be compared. Rentals have always been a safe investment if purchased and managed correctly, the rewards are endless!

Real Estate Consulting Services For The Professional Athlete
Dave can provide consulting services for just about any real estate endeavor whether its residential, commercial, investment properties, and industrial. If you want to build a new home or other structure let Dave's construction experience help you with managing the project while you are away handling your career. He will be your eyes and ears visiting the job site at a regular basis keeping you up to date and in constant communication with the General Contractor and Architect. He also will make sure that the right building materials are being used along with quality craftsmanship.
Dave can also consult with you on property management issues including how maintenance and preventive maintenance procedures should be done plus what to look for in using quality contractors.
If helping low income families with housing is one of your goals Dave can consult and help you create a non-profit community development corporation plus be on the Organizations Board to help you with that.
There is nothing Dave Kuno cannot do!
We have saved thousands for our Professional Athletes! Call today!

You can "Count on KUNO"! 15 years of customer satisfaction!

Dave Kuno, Broker/Owner of Kuno Real Estate

Dave Kuno, Broker/Owner

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15 Years Experience
Illinois Real Estate Brokers License (2007)
Indiana Real Estate Brokers License (2001)
Indiana Real Estate Sales License (1995)
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Owner, Property Management Company
Since 1995
Former Owner, Residential Construction Company (1995 to 2005-Changing Market)

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